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September Moon

September 24, 2010

>Yes, it is time for the next moon installment. I’ve opened this up to other writers. If you would like your “Moon” poem to possibly be posted to this site, email your poem with the title as the subject line and the body of the poem as the body of the email. I will select all appropriate entries. Please consider following this blog by clicking on “follow” to the right. Here is my September Moon entries:

Lonesome Moon

Autumn looms on winds of change
Cottonball clouds veil her face
Footsteps rhythm this darkened eve,
Forlorn features and salt sea swells.

Caution rules, no means to unite
Hungry gaze on glistening ocean mirrors
Silver tears slice at the eye
Dusty memories rip at the heart.

Sleepless walks in dreamless nights
Aimless goals and purposeless ambition
Lonesome Moon rules only the landscape
The heart, the soul and the world.

Mistress Moon

Mistress Moon of murky eve
Lends opportunity to decieve
Outright owner of evening’s gloom
Subtle hints of approaching doom

Clouds may veil her September face
Stars wink, pale and out of place
She demands her lovers’ compliance
Glowering white-eyed at any defiance

Her perch stems from gravity’s rule
She plays each human a merciless fool
For believing the lies of yesterday’s breath
And existence ends only in death

Upon this life’s cease and desist
Forgotten, the billions of lovers who kissed,

Each one united and forsworn to swoon.
Forgotten by all but the Mistress Moon

That’s it for me this month for my moonwalk!  I hope to see posts from many writers!! Use this email address:  The title of your poem is the subject line, the body of your poem is the body of the email!

Please remember to click “Follow” to the right!!!

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