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Moon Project

August 26, 2010

>My heart’s been struck lately by how beautiful this life is and how so many people wish to destroy it. We have Muslims slaughtering people, serial killers and pedophiles everywhere. There’s murder, not just throughout the world but in our own streets. Sensibilities are destroyed at every turn and common sense gives way to the blind following of leaders who at best are only serving themselves and on the other side of the spectrum, serving our enemies.

This ridiculousness and weakness steals our self esteem and our creativity. I’ve decided to begin a project. Anyone may join in. I think I’ll name the project “MoonStruck“. (Yes I know about the movie. The movie has nothing to do with this.)

Each month I’m going to post at least one poem based on the moon. Each month’s “moon” piece will have the month’s name followed by the word “moon”. Other words may be added, ie “Hot August Moon”, or simply be titled “August Moon, September Moon, etc.”.

The purpose of this project is to produce creative poetry that builds the writer’s self esteem. It takes courage to write AND publish a piece of poetry. Anyone who wishes to participate may send me their poem(s) related to the moon to If I enjoy the poem, I’ll post it here on my blog.

This is an opportunity for writers to ‘guest blog’ on my site, and hopefully cull a tremendous collection of poetry on a focused subject. My first poem is simply titled, August Moon.

Be sure to include your name with the poem. Hey, a short paragraph about you would be nice to include as well. Relate the poem to the month’s moon in some way, but the subject matter will be up to you. I’ll post what I feel are the best. Actually, I’ll probably post most of them as long as they are not vulgar. This is poetry… Also, I will not publish any of these poems other than on this blog site. If at some point, a collection of poetry is published, it will happen with the written consent of the author. I have no plans for a publication, but, heck, one never knows. This could become such a good project that I feel compelled to get the work “out there” in a more widespread market. For now, though, this is simply writers doing what they love…

August Moon
Her voice of light crafts a song
Wisps and curls of gossamer clouds
Chorused by innumerable stars
Grandeur to the celestial horizon
Soft melodies hum the wind
She tickles imagination
Leaves rustle, branches bend
Comfort for the dullest of hearts
She lends light to the lonely
Frees captive souls from slumberless nights
Passes a free spirit through the essence of man as
Peace stands firm under an August Moon
There’s my August foray into the MoonStruck project. This may not be my only one. If you concoct more than one poem, feel free to send them. Remember the topic and title! Anything outside this will not be considered.
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  1. October 3, 2010 2:34 pm

    >I think I just might take you up on that….

  2. October 5, 2010 1:47 pm

    >Hey Jaycee. Go for it!

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