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January 28, 2012

Cheryl surveyed as much horizon as possible. The damned tree simply could not supply the vantage point she needed. Daniel no doubt set out tracking her when he came to. The recognizance she required must wait another day. She shinnied down the tree. The trek took her five minutes.

She needed to put on the Samantha persona before he arrived. Not too difficult. Samantha only strayed slightly from her real self.

Do I have a real self anymore? So many betrayals. So much death. Distrust everywhere.

She selected a massive, shaded rock, climbed and laid down on her back.

It’s quiet here. Peaceful. I could get used to this. Too bad it never lasts.

Daniel snapped a twig with is left foot. He did so on purpose. She heard him four steps back. He wanted to see if she would bolt.

“Was it good for you too?” She smirked. His hesitation to answer spoke volumes.

“Let’s get back to the cabin.” The words plodded to her ears on a sullen breeze. Maybe she pushed him too far.

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