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Love Scene Part II

November 5, 2010

>As a continuation of yesterday’s scene, I will finish off the tryst between Daniel and Samantha. As you will recall, Sam was kicking Daniel’s ass until he came back at her like a man, giving her no quarter in a fight. She walked away with the excellent line, “If a man can’t kick my ass, he can’t have it.” One of my better lines I’ve written in a while. I certainly hope there’s more to come.

Love Scene (cont’d)
Daniel swiped at grass ground into the elbow of his jacket then eyed the screen door. In one abrupt move he simultaneously ripped at the zipper of his jacket and sprinted for the porch. Once inside, the jacket flew airborne in the general direction of the closet, his shoes fluttered in opposite directions and his breath rose and fell more quickly than he wanted to acknowledge.
“My, my. My macho man appears to be in a hurry.”
Samantha stood statuesque by the closet and a crumpled pile of clothes. She wore a purple and black dragon print silk robe tied loose at her waist. Her black hair posed around her neck and on her shoulders like a television hair commercial. She winked at Daniel, took one end of the robe’s silk belt between a forefinger and thumb and little by little, pulled it away from her body. They locked eyes as the belt separated from itself and plunged the narrow gap in front into an open invitation.
“You have a strange mating ritual. Beat the shit out of a guy, then expect him to run after you.”
“And yet, here you are.”
Samantha brushed her shoulders back in one slow, sensual movement and the robe obeyed and piled itself to the floor. Another liquid motion sent both her hands behind her ears for handfuls of hair which she slid between open fingers until the strands settled back into their prescribed places. Meanwhile, her hands continued down from her shoulders, over her breasts and finished up at her waist.
“Maybe I like strange mating rituals.”
“Maybe I just like mating. What do you think?” Samantha rotated and accentuated each hip as she turned.
“I don’t see that thinking does much good here.”
Daniel strolled to her back and place his right hand on her right hip. He snaked his left up between her breasts as she lay her head back on his shoulder. He pressed into her and she relaxed her stance to use his body for support.
“Good call soldier. Nothing like a wild romp before things get crazy.”
“I can’t help but think you’re up to something.”
“It’s obvious you’re up…to something.” Samantha laughed and dove on the bed. “C’mon. Let’s see what you got soldier boy.”
Daniel’s remaining clothes hit the floor as he landed on the bed beside Samantha.
“Pretty fucking bold to clock me and then seduce me.” He rose up on his left elbow and stroked her hair.
“A gals gotta do what a guy won’t sometimes. C’mon. We’ve been holed up here three months and you haven’t so much as tried to get in my pants. Don’t you guys ever have any fun on a mission?”
She played the fingers of her left hand down his side, leaned forward and grabbed his ass.
“That’s not fair. Most of the time I’m off with a bunch of other guys. When I’m not, the woman is usually married.”
“And you let that stop you.”
“Do you want to screw or are you going to keep crackin’ on me?”
She shoved him onto his back, mounted and worked a slow grind with her hands around his throat. His hips caught the rhythm and joined in as he fondled her breasts.
“I like to be in control. You need to remember that.”
“I saved your sweet ass. You need to remember that.”
She picked up the pace and tightened her grip on his throat.
“No need for me to remember. I don’t give a shit.” Just as she started thrusting her pelvis forward while she kept applying pressure to his throat until he passed out. She slipped off him, slapped his face and said, “Next time you have to kick my ass for real to get any.”
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