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New Poem

May 3, 2010

>Fiction’s Footsteps

Fiction’s footsteps – no footprints at the beach
Washed away by tides of undiscerning minds
Nor imprints in the desert
Blown away by uncaring winds of disinterest

Fiction’s footsteps stroll pristine snows
Grand stories stray from well-traveled paths
Scribed into virgin white landscapes
Until the warmth of time descends on this writer’s world

Fiction’s footsteps follow less defined paths
Than well-worn trails of everyday life
Fiction’s footsteps beg the blank canvas and solitude
Snowfalls bless upon the writer’s landscape

Yes, fiction’s footsteps fade over time – nothing left behind
But oh what a life a story clasps
As it takes on its form, shape and meaning
From the fingers of a loving author

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