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Musings on Writing and Negativity

March 31, 2010

>Writing takes on many diverse faces. “Faces” does not go deep enough on second thought. The depths of the writing psyche can overwhelm any writer. I should go out on a limb and say ALL writers suffer at one time or another the debilitating complexities of writing.

We stumble over our lives as writers, searching for that next connection with the ever elusive muse. Often we stress and force ourselves into non-production because we need to work. We need to connect with that aspect of ourselves that screams to be let out, but we find we cannot lay siege to free our creative side – we must softly approach and coax it out.

I know, I’m very abstract today, but I’m moving toward the ultimate goal of getting quality word down on screen. Just keying those last two words of that sentence, my curiosity is piqued and I want to divert off to all the cliche’s that have to change to stay modern. The ‘get it down on paper’ applies less and less these days. I don’t often write longhand anymore because I don’t like to transcribe (as well as have to decipher my own penmanship…).

I have promised more fiction on this blog, and I shall deliver. I personally enjoy writing The Cold Bite of Autumn. For me, fiction writing is vacation time! I could key forever on stories and be a happy camper. It’s what Tiggers do best! One day, I will get there.

Today I am working on the blogs, websites and any other more ‘business’ aspects of my vocation. I’m quitting my last remaining “job” where I actually receive a regular paycheck. This drives me into minor panic mode as well as major excitement mode. I do not possess an income necessary to meet my bills, yet I’ve hired an employee, and I’m quitting my only guaranteed money.

All for the greater good, though. I’m telling you writers – you MUST go after your dream. Passive approaches do not yield results. You commit to it and stop playing with it or all your writing dreams become intellectual toys. Pay your dues. As Popeye would say, “takes your chances”. As you live and breathe, your chances stand before you.

I’m in New York writing this. I had to escape the drudgery and prison of preconceived notions about what I’m supposed to be doing as a writer and publisher. I’ve spent money I don’t really have, I’ve abandoned my wife and three of four children for a week and I’ve taken on the ‘monster’ of my life – will I pursue and handle success.

Again, abstract, I know. But I suffer from a fear of success. This is insidious. I’m my own worst enemy. But I’ve surrounded myself with people who are positive, supportive, and progressive. The more I’m in this writing business, the more I see where the vast majority of people will bring you down. My encouragement to any writer who stumbles across this blog – find those writers who are “doing it”. I don’t mean necessarily the ones who have already made a big splash in the writing world. I’m speaking of the writers who doggedly move forward and who offer positive support. You desperately need these people in your life.

I’m thankful for the Rogues Gallery Writers. They are there for me and I for them. We are “doing it”. I’m also very glad to have made connections with writers who have reached a level of success and are still hungry. Margie Lawson is a wonderful writer who has excellent material that puts incredible tools into writer’s hands. Connecting with successful writers is good too!

This is my third day away from the pressures of home, business and many of the things that squelch my writing. As writers, though, most of the writing “baggage” is carried around in our hearts and minds. I’m freeing myself of some of those tethers. Sometimes a writer simply must ‘detox’ from the toxic world in which we live. I too often find myself surrounded by negativity. Negativity is the slayer of your muse and we as writers hand our creative side over to this destructive concept. The only negativity that can live within you is that which you allow.

Easy words to live, much more difficult to practice. Walk away from the negativity in your writing life. Hell, walk away from it in your everyday life. You do not need it. Negativity will rob you of every dream you’ll ever have.

Admonishments from the Fiction’s Footsteps author.

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