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The Cold Bite of Autumn (pt.8)

November 9, 2009

>”If they’re the good guys, what’s that make you?”

An evil bitch, Samantha thought as she sized up Daniel. “Let’s just say I’m not the pristinely perfect lady. I have a few undesirable personality flaws.”

“Oh? For example …”

“I kill people for a living. I lie about everything and I don’t floss.” Daniel didn’t react and she didn’t like that one bit. She’d have to take a different tack.

“Did you kill those men in the car with you?”

He was cleaning his nails, not looking directly at her. This troubled her even more. He’s not looking for body language clues. “Yes.”

“I thought you lied about everything.”

“Maybe I am.”

“You’re not. Why take yourself out along with them? Was that the plan?”

He’s much too close to the truth. “I don’t think you need to know all this. Go away and maybe they won’t know you were ever here.”

“We both know it’s too late for that. If I’m going to go down, at least give me the satisfaction of knowing why.” Daniel looked up and met her eyes with a cool stare.

“You could be anyone. If I talk to you, I could spill secrets that would cause far too many problems. Especially if you’re the enemy.”

“Look Samantha, you’re the one who crawled up to my house broken and bleeding. If you singled your enemy out like that, then you are one incredibly talented agent. I just don’t want to be caught up in something without knowing the score.”

“Now who’s lying? You love not knowing what’s happening. It’s the thrill of the hunt.” Samantha vaguely remembered his house and the creaky screen door. The wreck felt like it happened years ago instead of days.

“Touche`.” Daniel stood up and tossed some clothes on her stomach. “Get dressed under the sheet in case the nurse comes in. We’re outta here.”

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