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October 7, 2009

>Hello fan. Oh! There’s two of you? Well then, hello fans! Yes, this writing gig is a tough business. You write and write and write and who reads or cares? Two, three people? Well, as long as there is at least one, all is well.

I have decided to commit more seriously to The Cold Bite of Autumn. I’m even considering using the story as my main novel premise in this year’s Nanowrimo contest. What is Nanowrimo? Egad! Tis only the most intense writing month of the year!

Na(tional)no(vel)wri(ting)mo(nth) begins November 1, 2009 at midnight October 31st. It runs until midnight November 30th. Basically all you do is write 50,000 words in thirty days or less. I’ve entered twice, finished (or won) once. Yes, in 2007 I wrote 50,186 words in 29 days. What a sense of accomplishment. That breaks down to 1667 words per day. Currently I am averaging 2000 words per day. Today’s count should clock in around 4000. That’s where I want to be.

Ok, so The Cold Bite of Autumn has now become a priority. I will commit to posting a new installment every Monday. The next two installments are already written, so look for them beginning Monday October 12th. If I am a good boy, I will keep this up until I have a viable book or someone tells me to hang up my thumb drive and get a real job!

This is a serious undertaking. I must do that thing which most writers rail against – I must discipline myself. I can and will do this. Hopefully you’ll follow me down the storyline and we’ll meet at the other end satisfied.

Wow, too bad writing like that gets missed by the masses!

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